Tafi Partners with Yellow to Bring Generative AI 3D Content to Gaming

Tafi Partners with Yellow to Bring Generative AI 3D Content to Gaming

Tafi and Yellow will use the power of Generative AI for 3D character and content creation into the gaming, media and entertainment sectors Read More…

Tafi Partners with Yellow to Bring Generative AI 3D Content to Gaming

Tafi and Yellow will use the power of Generative AI for 3D character and content creation into the gaming, media and entertainment sectors Read More…

Navigating 3D and AI: Tafi's Approach to Training 3D Render Models

Discover Tafi's journey through training 3D render models as we develop our AI ecosystem

Advancing AI Training with Rendered.ai Partnership

Rendered.ai partners with Tafi, integrating 3D models into its synthetic data platform to enhance AI training across industries.

Revolutionizing AI Development with Synthetic Data

Discover the magic of Synthetic Data and how Tafi is leading the way in AI development and technology with our robust data set.

AI-Powered 3D Art: Expanding Creative Boundaries with our Extensive Data Set

Learn more about data set powering our upcoming artist-backed text-to-3D tool. Our unique AI model trained on our extensive dataset of high-quality assets, carefully sorted and organized for maximum efficiency.

Innovative Technologies, Decades of Experience in 3D, and Where We’re Headed Next

Read more about our history in 3D Art creation, the world of Web3, and how these two have blended together to expand what’s on the horizon for Tafi AI.

Breaking New Ground: The Power of Seamless Exports to Top 3D Art Softwares

Powered by a proprietary data set, Tafi’s upcoming AI tool gives artists and designers the ability to seamlessly export high-quality 3D models directly into leading software applications like Daz Studio, Blender, Maya, Unreal, and more.

Empowering Artists in the Age of AI: A Conversation with Mada de Leeuw

Join us as we talk with Daz Published Artist, Mada de Leeuw about her artistic journey, AI, and our upcoming AI tool all in this exclusive in-depth interview.

Transforming the Artistic Landscape: Tafi's Ethical AI Vision

Daz 3D and Tafi aim to revolutionize 3D art by leveraging AI while ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all involved. With a strong focus on compensating artists, we are working together to build an AI tool that will change the future of 3D Art.

Tafi’s Powerful Astra Avatar Creation Engine becomes Unity Verified Solution Partner

Tafi, the creator of Astra, the world-class 3D avatar creation engine, announced the availability of Astra in the Unity Asset Store as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. Developers can easily plug Astra into their games and digital environments, saving them time and allowing their users to create the perfect digital identity using Tafi’s massive 3D asset library.

Ledger Joins the Fight with Daz 3D and Fight Back Apes

Ledger brings a new level of security education to the Fight Back Apes NFT project. This collaboration adds an important element of security to a brand new project built from the ashes of a widely-publicized rug pull, Evolved Apes.

New Avatar System Launched! Tafi's Astra SDK Goes Public

We set out five years ago to make the best avatar creation SDK on the market. Now, we're releasing it to the world!

In the News: Tafi & Daz 3D Collab With Coca-Cola and BAKEUP by Jo Baker on New NFT Drops

Daz 3D and Tafi collaborated with Coca-Cola to release 2 NFT drops and partnered with BAKEUP to release a stunning new digital collectible in 2022.

Coca-Cola and Tafi Mark First Anniversary in the Metaverse with Latest Collectibles Drop on International Friendship Day

One year on from its first venture into the metaverse, Coca-Cola is gifting exclusive digital collectibles to owners of Coca-Cola collectibles in celebration of International Friendship Day (July 30).

Ethereum vs. Polygon: Which Is Best for NFTs?

What's the difference between Ethereum vs Polygon? Which is best for NFTs? Learn more about the pros and cons of each platform.

Tafi and Daz 3D Leader James Thornton Named CEO of the Year

James Thornton – Chairman and CEO of Tafi and Daz 3D – was named 2022 CEO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine, the magazine for executives and entrepreneurs in Utah.

Tafi and Champion® Athleticwear Partner to Release Exclusive NFT Collection

Champion's airdrop, when revealed by the NFT holder, will become part of the Non-Fungible People avatar, ready to be proudly displayed. Upon reveal, Champion branded apparel and accessory items will be shared. Each Champion NFT was airdropped to the randomly selected NFP holders at no cost to them to enhance their avatar.

Tafi Partners with Coca-Cola to Bring a Taste of Space to Samsung AR Emoji with New Digital Apparel Collection

Using Tafi’s advanced augmented reality (AR) avatar technology, Samsung Galaxy users can accessorize their Samsung AR Emoji character with a virtual space suit, tees, joggers, and more.

Glossy Looks into Tafi's Partnership with Luxury Watch Designer Louis Moinet

Luxury watch brand Louis Moinet has partnered with Exclusible, a premium NFT marketplace, and Tafi, a leading designer of avatars and digital wearables including NFTs, to come out with an original NFT collection inspired by the Louis Moinet Space Revolution Watch.

Louis Moinet Partners with Exclusible and Tafi to Launch Original NFT Collection

1,000 Unique NFTs Inspired by the Iconic Louis Monet Space Revolution 2021 Edition Super Watch, complete with additional digital unlockables and physical utility for holders.