In the News: Tafi & Daz 3D Collab With Coca-Cola and BAKEUP by Jo Baker on New NFT Drops

In the News: Tafi & Daz 3D Collab With Coca-Cola and BAKEUP by Jo Baker on New NFT Drops

Daz 3D and Tafi collaborated with Coca-Cola to release 2 NFT drops and partnered with BAKEUP to release a stunning new digital collectible in 2022. Read More…

In the News: Tafi & Daz 3D Collab With Coca-Cola and BAKEUP by Jo Baker on New NFT Drops

Daz 3D and Tafi collaborated with Coca-Cola to release 2 NFT drops and partnered with BAKEUP to release a stunning new digital collectible in 2022. Read More…

Coca-Cola and Tafi Mark First Anniversary in the Metaverse with Latest Collectibles Drop on International Friendship Day

One year on from its first venture into the metaverse, Coca-Cola is gifting exclusive digital collectibles to owners of Coca-Cola collectibles in celebration of International Friendship Day (July 30).

Ethereum vs. Polygon: Which Is Best for NFTs?

What's the difference between Ethereum vs Polygon? Which is best for NFTs? Learn more about the pros and cons of each platform.

Tafi and Daz 3D Leader James Thornton Named CEO of the Year

James Thornton – Chairman and CEO of Tafi and Daz 3D – was named 2022 CEO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine, the magazine for executives and entrepreneurs in Utah.

Tafi and Champion® Athleticwear Partner to Release Exclusive NFT Collection

Champion's airdrop, when revealed by the NFT holder, will become part of the Non-Fungible People avatar, ready to be proudly displayed. Upon reveal, Champion branded apparel and accessory items will be shared. Each Champion NFT was airdropped to the randomly selected NFP holders at no cost to them to enhance their avatar.

Tafi Partners with Coca-Cola to Bring a Taste of Space to Samsung AR Emoji with New Digital Apparel Collection

Using Tafi’s advanced augmented reality (AR) avatar technology, Samsung Galaxy users can accessorize their Samsung AR Emoji character with a virtual space suit, tees, joggers, and more.

Glossy Looks into Tafi's Partnership with Luxury Watch Designer Louis Moinet

Luxury watch brand Louis Moinet has partnered with Exclusible, a premium NFT marketplace, and Tafi, a leading designer of avatars and digital wearables including NFTs, to come out with an original NFT collection inspired by the Louis Moinet Space Revolution Watch.

Louis Moinet Partners with Exclusible and Tafi to Launch Original NFT Collection

1,000 Unique NFTs Inspired by the Iconic Louis Monet Space Revolution 2021 Edition Super Watch, complete with additional digital unlockables and physical utility for holders.

Daz 3D Breaks the Mold with Head-turning NFT Collection

Introducing Non-Fungible People, a utility-rich collection of 8,888 stunningly 3D rendered, algorithmically generated PFP NFTs.

Tafi Expands to British Columbia

Earlier this year, Tafi successfully opened its Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.) office, with plans to double its staff in Canada by the end of 2022. The B.C. office will focus on content production for both of Tafi’s primary brands, Tafi and Daz 3D.

Everything You Need to Know About Tafi’s New Astra SDK 2.6 Update

We’ve been busy doing everything we can to make Astra better than ever, and we are proud of the results! 2.6 has brought several key updates that we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on.

Tafi Employee Spotlight: Gary Lai, Creative Director

Meet Gary Lai, Tafi’s Creative Director, and learn more about his work experience in the avatar space, career advice, and other fun facts.

Fortune Recognizes Tafi's Success in Emerging NFT Industry

Tafi and other key players in the NFT space were recently highlighted in a Fortune article discussing NFT launch tips for designers, artists, and brands.

Tafi and Highstreet Partner to Bring High-Quality Avatars into Highstreet's Virtual Worlds

Tafi, the leading provider of 3D avatar solutions, today announced a partnership with Highstreet, the world's first commerce-centric metaverse, to bring Tafi's avatars into Highstreet's virtual worlds.

Tafi Employee Spotlight: Emmalee Hurst, Trainer

It’s time to meet Emmalee Hurst, our next Tafi employee spotlight. Not only is she a Trainer for our Customer Support team, but she also works with our Quality Assurance team to sort out any product bugs. She’s been with us for almost seven years now, and we’re excited to share this amazing person with you!

Tafi Joins Vibrant Vancouver Tech Hub with New Canadian Entity

Tafi is pleased to announce the planned opening of a second office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A recently formed Canadian entity, Tafi-Canada, has been operating in and around Vancouver since 2020 in a remote work model. The Tafi-Canada team will be moving into the new offices in early 2022.

Tafi Partners in Coca-Cola's First-Ever NFT Collectibles In Support of International Friendship Day

Tafi-Designed NFTs including Decentraland Wearables Will Be Part of 92-Hour Auction Beginning July 30th, with Proceeds Benefiting Special Olympics International

Ship AAA Game-Ready Avatars in Amazon’s O3DE Engine with Tafi’s SDK Integration Tools

We started Tafi with the dream of making world-class avatar and character systems. Witnessing that dream come true is, well, a dream come true! We have created a powerful tool for developers we call our Astra SDK (software development kit). This means any developer can easily integrate our customizable avatar system into their own product. It’s easy to use and the results are well worth the day or so it takes to implement the package. (Seriously, check out this post to see how fast it took one of our partners to get our SDK up and running!)

Tafi Avatars and Coca-Cola: Repping Your Favorite Beverage Brand

Since the first Coca-Cola fountain opened in 1886, the company has boomed on creativity and innovation, making their brand a literal American cultural icon. Absolute deliciousness aside, Coca-Cola has rocked it in the advertising department year after year. Whether it’s that enticing red color or a heartwarming ad, Coke knows how to get their product to stick.

Daz 3D Announces Exciting New Offering - Enterprise Licensing

Daz 3D, the leader in 3D digital art and creator of the free 3D platform Daz Studio, announced a new enterprise licensing structure that will enable companies to more easily incorporate content from the Daz Marketplace into their teams' workflows.