Tafi and Coca-Cola® have partnered to release an exclusive digital apparel collection in celebration of Coke® Creations’ space-flavored beverage. Using Tafi’s advanced augmented reality (AR) avatar technology, Samsung Galaxy users can accessorize their Samsung AR Emoji character with a virtual space suit, tees, joggers, and more.

Tafi and Coca-Cola previously partnered on a Samsung AR Emoji apparel collection based on Coca-Cola’s 1971 Hilltop ad. The AR apparel showed Coca-Cola's 1971 Unity Collection, which was created to celebrate the commercial's timeless themes of harmony and peace. In 2021, they also launched Coca-Cola’s first NFT together, known as the Friendship Loot Box, to benefit longtime Coca-Cola partner, Special Olympics.

“Coca-Cola is a cultural icon that continues to delight its fans with digital apparel inspired by their exciting product innovations,” said Morgan Milovich, partnership manager of Tafi. “This collection melds our visions for what interacting with fans in the virtual world can mean. It allows us to deliver fresh, unique digital expressions in the Samsung AR environment.”

“Coca-Cola is on the cutting edge of branding and digital identity, and this Coke Creations collection is an exciting next step in bringing our brand into the virtual space,” said Karen Schohan, Senior Licensing Manager at Coca-Cola. “Meeting our global fan base where they are, including in digital environments such as AR, allows them to express their brand loyalty anyway they choose. These beautiful products will also appeal to a wide audience, letting space enthusiasts embody characters they dream to be in style. We can’t wait to see their avatars in this new Coca-Cola gear.”

Since October 2020, Tafi has worked with Samsung to bring custom avatars, outfits, and accessories to Samsung mobile device users. Samsung’s camera-based AR environment allows users to animate their avatars to mimic facial expressions, move, and even dance across real-world surfaces. Through the Samsung AR Emoji technology, Samsung smartphone users can now style their avatars with the same inspiration Coca-Cola has brought to Coke Creations.

Samsung AR Emoji users will be able to access the new collection beginning March 1, 2022.