We’ve been in the 3D art game for a long time - crossed paths with countless talented artists, worked behind the scenes on many projects. We’ve led the way in 3D animation, experienced hardships, and all the while remained firm in our commitment to art, the artists we work with, and the future of technology. Today, Daz 3D is excited to announce the launch of our AI platform. As we move into this new era of technology, we are committed to ensuring that our approach to AI is ethical and aligned with the values we’ve cultivated over our 20+ years in the industry. As a company that heavily relies on our community of creators, we understand the importance of properly attributing what is created inside the AI platform to the artists who contributed the assets.


Our creators are the lifeblood of our company, and we believe it is crucial to collaborate with them to maintain a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship. Artists are often overlooked in conversations like these, despite being the very reason we’re able to view and enjoy fantastic works of art. We have a long history of working with artists and have paid over $200 million in revenue share to them. We are keenly aware of the ethical issues involved in scraping online data sources and have taken measures to address these concerns.


Tafi AI


Incentives are aligned between Daz 3D and our creators, as we all stand to win or lose together. As a community, we know our collaboration with each other is what will lead to the greatest artistic success.To ensure that our approach to AI is fair and ethical, we are directly compensating artists proportionately to their content being included in outputs. This is a natural extension of what we do today, and we are excited to explore new ways to promote and monetize our artists' work so they can flourish and live their artistic lives to the fullest.


Our new AI tool creates new opportunities for long time artists, first time creators, and aims to revolutionize the way 3D art is created. We're excited to explore how we can work together with our published artist to reach our long-term creative and technological goals. We have formed an advisory council with some of our published artists, and we aim for this council to be as fluid as possible to allow a diverse group of thoughts and voices to enter the discussion. Together, we want to ensure that our approach to AI is a net gain for everyone involved - fertilizing both our futures and the future of 3D Art.