Daz 3D is a leader in NFT strategy, marketing, and full-stack development, including generative PFP collections. We’ve worked with iconic brands like Warner Bros., Champion, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Louis Moinet, and others to create cross-chain NFT collections and wearables for the metaverse. 2021 was an incredible year for NFT collaborations, and in 2022, we’re taking even bigger leaps into the metaverse. 

In recent news, Daz 3D collaborated with Coca-Cola to release 2 NFT drops and partnered with BAKEUP to release a stunning new collectible for Non-Fungible People

Celebrating Coca-Cola’s First Year in the Metaverse

Coca-Cola, in collaboration with Tafi and Daz 3D, has had a strong first year in the NFT space with recent NFT efforts covered in an article by The Drum

"The beverage giant made its metaverse debut last summer with its ‘Friendship Day Loot Box,’ which contained an assortment of one-of-one digital collectibles, including a virtually wearable NFT puffer jacket. Continuing its efforts to establish a strong foothold in the web3 space, the brand quickly followed up on that initial campaign with two digital collectible drops in 2022 – one on Hamburger Day (May 28), and another on International Pride Day (June 28).

Anyone who owns collectibles from any of these previous drops will receive Coca-Cola’s new International Friendship Day collectible via Airdrop directly to their digital wallets this Saturday. “In the spirit of friendship,” the brand said in a press release, its latest digital collectible – 'which features a design inspired by the bubbles within every Coke bottle' – can be shared with one other person. 'Once it is shared, the unique artwork will be revealed for both holders,' according to the brand.

The brand’s new digital collectibles were developed in collaboration with 3D content developer Tafi (which also worked on Coke’s 2021 Friendship Day digital collectibles drop) and the Vice-owned agency Virtue (which also worked on Coke’s Byte product launch)."

Read the full article here

BAKEUP Redefines Beauty With Digital-First Self-Expression 

The Disco Veil, along with the background personalizations and digital makeup looks are BAKEUP’s first entry into digital looks, and we have loved collaborating to welcome them to the metaverse.

The collaboration was featured in an article on Glossy:

"Most of the beauty brands releasing NFTs these days already sell physical products. But for new makeup brand Bakeup by Jo Baker’s first ever product launch, it is taking the opposite approach.

Today, the brand’s futuristic Disco Veiler Eye Adornment is being released virtually as a Snapchat and Instagram filter, as well as an NFT — the latter, as part of the Non-Fungible People (NFP) collection by software company Daz 3D. At the end of this month, the eye veil will be released for sale as a physical product. The NFT version will be free and sent to 500 select members of the NFP community who were chosen based on their prior engagement with the brand."

Read the full article here

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