James Thornton – Chairman and CEO of Tafi and Daz 3D – was named 2022 CEO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine, the magazine for executives and entrepreneurs in Utah. 

James has served as CEO of Daz 3D for over ten years, and founded co-brand Tafi in 2019. He has steered the company to become a leading player in NFTs, web3, the metaverse, and advanced 3D avatar technology. 

Under his leadership, Daz 3D has grown at a rapid pace, with an expanding workforce and a wide range of collaborations. We have collaborated with trendsetting organizations such as Coca-Cola, Champion, Warner Brothers and Samsung, among others, to guide the future of interactivity in the metaverse.

Establishing Identity in the Virtual World

James has focused the direction of Daz 3D on allowing users to express themselves in virtual environments in truly unique and personalized ways. From a wide collection of avatars to Daz Studio software allowing for unprecedented customization, we have created a future of virtual identity in the metaverse as diverse as our users. 

Our NFT collection, Non-Fungible People, delivers on that goal with over 8,000 female and non-binary avatars, each unique and fully expressive. We have many more collections coming down the pipeline, and the ability to represent your digital identity in unique ways will expand with each offering.

The future is bright for Daz 3D and Tafi under James’ leadership, and we can’t wait for the next chapter in the worlds and products we are building. 

Congratulations James!