We’ve been busy doing everything we can to make Astra better than ever, and we are proud of the results! 2.6 has brought several key updates that we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on.

What is Astra SDK?

Let’s get you up to speed on what our Astra Software Developer Kit is and just how awesome it can be for developers. Astra SDK is a powerful character creator solution that helps developers streamline avatar creation, in-app purchases, and character customization on an affordable budget.

The latest update is bringing plenty of new features and enhancements for broader platform compatibility and an all-around improved user experience.

Astra SDK 2.6 Enhancements

The 2.6 update is all about building on the foundation already set in previous releases. The crucial aspects of this update include:

  • Apple Support: macOS and iOS ARM64 architecture are now fully supported with simple integration.
  • Google Additions: Android ARMv8-A (ARM 64-bit) support has been added, along with Google Play store support. 
  • New Avatar Styles: Astra SDK 2.6 adds multiple new avatar styles, including realistic Genesis 8 assets, to expand its already diverse library.

Astra and the Future of Avatar Solutions

Tafi’s Astra SDK will continue to evolve with features that build on the ultimate solution in avatar creation and customization to transform the way people express themselves in the digital world. The Astra SDK system uniquely makes it possible for avatars and video game characters to be implemented into different platforms such as video conferencing, live streaming, social media, and companion apps — allowing characters and content to seamlessly travel outside of the game or app itself.

If your team wants to wow your users with personalized avatar creation, look no further than Tafi. Seriously, we’ve got you covered. Connect with us here to learn more and see just how much Tafi can do for you!