Expanding the vision and usability of 3D models by enabling companies to easily manage Daz content for their teams and workflows

Daz 3D, the leader in 3D digital art and creator of the free 3D platform Daz Studio, announced a new enterprise licensing structure that will enable companies to more easily incorporate content from the Daz Marketplace into their teams' workflows.

Daz 3D's extensive marketplace is home to 3D products created by some of the most talented artists in the industry. For over 20 years, Daz 3D has been a leader in making 3D more accessible to everyone through its free-to-use program, Daz Studio. With published artists contributing their own creations to our massive marketplace, Daz manages one of the largest 3D asset libraries in the industry. With everything from grand environments and detailed props to stunningly lifelike human figures, you can find everything you need to build your own custom world or enhance your team's creative workflow by using customizable, high-quality assets.

"Our vision to allow artists to easily create incredible content is furthered by this new license that allows Daz 3D to showcase its wide variety of 3D content and versatile software to a new group of artists from diverse business backgrounds like fashion, television shows, and so much more," said Jessica Rizzuto, SVP of Ecommerce at Daz 3D. "We had interest even before launching this enterprise license, and we are excited to offer more collaboration tools and further enhance the experience of these enterprise clients in the future."

Enterprise licensing will improve companies' ability to leverage the flexibility and power of Daz Studio. Leading features of this new license will include a set pricing structure based on the number of seats and number of products desired, admin and member accounts for improved management capabilities, account management, and interactive licenses on all products available under the new licensing structure.