Tafi and other key players in the NFT space were recently highlighted in a Fortune article discussing NFT launch tips for designers, artists, and brands. The story touches on the recent paradigm shift in data ownership and shares examples of some of the most successful NFT launches to date. Among these is Tafi’s collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company to create the brand’s first NFTs in the Coca-Cola Friendship Box.

From the article:

Coca-Cola has a long history of Iconic imagery tied to its brand identity: “Simple moments of surprise and delight.” At the end of July, the company dropped its first set of NFTs, inspired by video game loot boxes, to carry that message to its audience in an entirely new way. The project was tied to International Friendship Day and benefited the Special Olympics. “It was a way for us to test and learn in the space,” says Oana Vlad, global senior brand director at Coca-Cola. “This was a really important first step.”

The brand worked with 10 digital artists at avatar creator Tafi to build three unique NFTs, housed in a virtual loot box: a branded puffer jacket, a sound visualizer to mimic the experience of opening a Coke, and a friendship card inspired by Iconic 1940s Coca-Cola trading cards. The auction garnered more than $575,000 in proceeds, all of which went to the Special Olympics.

Forging New Connections in the Metaverse

NFTs are also opening new pathways for artists and brands to create a powerful sense of community in spaces within the metaverse and beyond. The article notes artist Mike Parisella’s (AKA Slimesunday) impressive following and his rise to becoming one of the most popular NFT artists around. Additionally, NFTs can form a strong community bond through exclusivity in cases like the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

In the spirit of community building and to celebrate the release of the Coca-Cola Friendship Box NFT, a launch party was held in Decentraland. 

The article continues: 

“Decentraland organized a Coca-Cola NFT launch event in their metaverse where community members could enter a Coca-Cola can and ascend to the can top for a dance party,” says Vlad. Participants could win Coca-Cola digital t-shirts, a close-up look at the digital wearable included in the NFT loot box, and POAPs (proof of attendance protocol). The Coca-Cola can and presence in Decentraland was open for three days, until the OpenSea auction ended.

Vlad says the entire project took roughly eight weeks and hinged entirely on the expertise and guidance of their partners at Decentraland and Tafi who work as experts and creators in the NFT space. “This was uncharted territory for us,” she says. “We didn’t have set expectations, but we were hoping for a positive response from the NFT community. We ended up in the top five NFTs ever sold on OpenSea. The biggest takeaway is how big and engaging the metaverse is. We learned a lot. It is so important to stay true to your brand and work with the right people that have the experience and expertise.” 

Vlad also notes how critical it was to have both speed and agility when operating in the NFT space. The Coke team had previously worked with Tafi before and so was able to leverage that relationship for this project, saving time and making other decisions come more readily with established trust in place. Vlad says it took about two weeks to assemble the partnerships for this project, though notes it may have taken longer had they not already been familiar with the Tafi team. As for what’s next for Coke in the NFT space, Vlad doesn’t yet know, but she is sure this is just the beginning of exploring how the company can leverage the space to interact with its market and maybe even engage with communities it hadn’t before.

The Future of Brand Engagement and Community

Working with Coca-Cola and a multicultural team of artists, the Tafi team helped to create a hugely successful outing for the brand’s first foray into the NFT landscape. We’re incredibly proud to have played a role in such a significant debut. Plus, the campaign was for a great cause, the reception in the metaverse was overwhelmingly positive, and the future of NFTs is looking bright. 

Check out the full article on Fortune's website to read more from top creators in the space and get the scoop on what brands should know before launching an NFT.