Tafi, the leading creator of custom 3D content for avatar and emoji systems, today announced the release of its innovative Astra Software Development Kit (SDK). Tafi's Astra SDK is a unique, feature-packed, fully customizable avatar platform made for a wide range of developers, from small independent teams to established companies and studios.

Empowering Developers

"Custom-built avatar systems typically require dedicated teams of developers and artists to spend many months, if not years, to complete. Even then, these avatar systems are often very limited in feature sets and capabilities," said James Thornton, CEO of Tafi. "Our Astra SDK is plug-and-play while delivering comprehensive functionality, a large library of pre-loaded content, and built-in monetization capabilities. This frees up developers to focus on building the best possible game and app experience for their customers. We are proud to announce the launch of our Astra SDK."

The Astra SDK empowers developers to deliver and monetize a full-body 3D avatar creation and customization experience for games and apps across mobile, desktop, and VR/AR platforms. Tafi's cutting edge technology provides a way to automatically load, modify, morph, and customize various styles of avatars, saving development time and resources.

Customer Testimonial

"When we were at the point of integrating an avatar system in our award-winning StellarX 3D content creation for the non-programmers and the non-pro-users, we knew we needed a best-in-class avatar system to meet the high expectations of our customers," said Harold Dumur, CEO of OVA and StellarX. "We were thrilled to leverage Tafi's Astra SDK. It was the only solution that provided us with an end-to-end avatar system with tons of content and in-app purchasing capabilities. Moreover, the whole SDK integration took us less than a day. We could not be more pleased. Tafi's SDK is truly a game-changer."

Comprehensive Solution

With Astra's smart asset technology, the Tafi SDK features include automatic refitting of clothing, automatic hiding of skin behind clothing, streaming assets on demand, dynamic decals, a full ecommerce platform for developers to instantly unlock, and many more solutions that help build and monetize digital characters with less development time and resources. The SDK is also pre-built with a sizeable content library and seamless integration across multiple platforms.

"The power of our SDK is borne from years of experience developing solutions around digital characters, which we've distilled into a suite of solutions with features for total customization unlocked at runtime," said Jon Middleton, Chief Technical Officer of Tafi. "For instance, our smart technology enables the creation of a single wearable asset to be used across any number of avatars that have different body shapes and art styles, while maintaining its visual fidelity. Beyond saving developers valuable hours and resources, the underlying technology, combined with our proven digital goods pipeline and e-commerce backend, allows developers to instantly unlock a world-class avatar system with only a few lines of code — speeding up development, reducing costs, and unlocking new revenue paths."

Tafi's Astra SDK will also include upcoming features for video conferencing and video sharing platforms along with a customizable character app for users to plug-and-play their stylized avatars and digital content.

For more details on the Astra SDK, please go to MakeTafi.com/Astra-SDK.