Content Now Featured in VRChat's Home World

Tafi, the leading provider of 3D avatar solutions, announced it is teaming up with VRChat to enhance the customer experience by providing new avatar styles and improved access to Tafi's content. As part of the collaboration, Tafi will release a new and updated Nikei character in VRChat, a callback to the original avatar in VRChat that was launched back in 2017. VRChat has grown to become the largest virtual reality social platform, accessible to users both with a VR headset and on the PC. VRChat and Tafi continue to build on a longstanding relationship, with Tafi having created some of the first VRChat avatars.

This new release will feature Tafi Avatar content on the home Avatar mirror, home posters, and a user contest on Twitter.

"Nikei is one of the most recognizable and loved avatars in the VRChat community. We're excited to be working on this new project with Tafi," said Graham Gaylor, CEO of VRChat. "VRChat is always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience and the Tafi Avatar App provides our users with an easy to use, fully customizable avatar solution, so they can express themselves as they would like."

Tafi and VRChat have worked together on projects across the digital identity space for the virtual reality social platform, including the Tafi Avatar app for VRChat. Tafi Avatar's massive 3D library of content ranges from everyday wear to themed costumes, futuristic and genre outfits, and everything you need to accessorize your VR persona, including earrings, makeup, rings, and tattoos — all meant to be mixed and matched with content broken down into individual pieces.

"We are excited to be working with Graham and the VRChat team to release our updated Nikei character, the original Tafi avatar in VRChat," said James Thornton, CEO of Tafi. "Nikei has become a cult favorite with longtime VRChat users and we wanted to do something to celebrate our relationship both with VRChat and their community."

The Tafi Avatar app is an avatar editor that lets users build, save, and export custom VR compatible avatars into VRChat, making it easier than ever for VRChat users to make custom avatars for their virtual reality experience. Tafi's avatars automatically adapt between high end HMDs and Quests, giving the user the best VR experience possible.

Tafi has collaborated with VRChat so users can use exact HEX codes on their clothing, as users continue to attach colors to their visual identity within the VR platform. And with fully customizable color pickers on all content, users can fully express themselves with millions of color combinations.