Tafi, the leading provider of 3D avatar solutions, today announced a partnership with PIXELYNX, the new gaming venture created by iconic musicians and technologists Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, and music industry visionaries Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull. Tafi and PIXELYNX share a common vision of bringing digital avatar experiences to the "direct-to avatar" ecosystem, and will start by releasing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles in collaboration with broader gaming and music experiences in the virtual worlds.

Tafi's avatar technology, including their avatar and character creator (Astra SDK), enables brands to bring their digital content across the virtual platforms – including mobile, gaming, virtual reality, social media – to create unique, shared experiences. PIXELYNX, known by industry insiders as "the portal to the Metaverse", is focused on creating a bridge between digital collectibles, gaming, and virtual worlds.

"After an extensive review of potential partners, we chose Tafi because of their best-in-class technology combined with their creator-first approach," said Inder Phull, CEO and co-founder of PIXELYNX. "Not only do Tafi's solutions uniquely provide run-time avatar creation both in-game and in-application, it also allows for those same avatars to be teleported seamlessly into immersive experiences across the virtual worlds. We are excited at the expanded capabilities that this partnership brings for us and our clients."

"We are honored to work alongside the amazing team at PIXELYNX," said James Thornton, CEO at Tafi. "They are at the forefront of the digital revolution for music, gaming, fashion, art, and technology. As a company dedicated to democratizing the creation of digital content, we look forward to collaborating with PIXELYNX to help define the next generation of culture."

"With this strategic partnership, we will help shape the digital – and physi digital – transformation of brands in the fashion, media, and entertainment industries," said Preston Woo, CSO of Tafi. "We couldn't be more excited to collaborate with the creative luminaries at PIXELYNX."

This partnership is dedicated to providing groundbreaking launches in the fast-growing virtual and gaming environments, and driving new collaborations with the world's leading innovators and digital creators.