Tafi loves helping people express themselves with avatars that show off all their best traits. That’s why we created Astra. We want to put this amazing tool in the hands of other developers and spread our love of awesome avatars.

What is Astra SDK?

Simply put, the Tafi Astra SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to seamlessly integrate the Astra avatar system into any project. Astra makes avatar customization super simple and easy. This system even includes supporting assets such as hair, clothing, and decals too. So nice of us, we know!

Astra includes everything developers need to fully implement the system all in one sleek package. Tafi can provide everything you need or we can help you create new content for your avatars as well. When you think of it that way, it’s really a no-brainer.

Our development kit makes it easy, so creators can focus on their main goals while we take care of the tricky stuff behind the scenes. You’re welcome!

How OVA is Putting Astra to Use in StellarX

Tech startup OVA decided to integrate Astra into StellarX, an immersive environment and experience builder. When OVA made their announcement about the integration with Astra, they were quick to praise how easy the whole process was. In all, it took less than 8 hours to get it up and running! That’s super fast, if you didn’t know!

Check it out! @maketafi's website is quoting our CEO @harolddumur about the integration of their Astra SDK in #StellarX. :star-struck:

We are beyond thrilled for this new alliance. Great things are coming... Get ready. :raised_hands:

:point_right: https://t.co/f1LxRzyCNz pic.twitter.com/xBcBnQM6O1

— OVA (@ova_xr) April 20, 2021


StellarX is a handy tool allowing anyone to create desktop, Virtual, and Augmented reality experiences... with absolutely zero code. OVA loves seeing their sims be used for employee training so that new hires can learn in safe digital environments, before they even start the real job. Now, anyone creating a sim in StellarX will have the option to include dynamic custom avatar creation as well!

StellarX makes 3D/XR environment creation easy, so it only made sense that they would choose Tafi for their avatar creation needs. Everyone who uses StellarX is now going to feel closer to the experience, being able to represent themselves with a unique avatar.

Bridging the Gap with Tafi Avatars

Here at Tafi, we know that avatars bridge the gap between people and tech. We also know that avatars help connect people with each other through that tech. Whether your avatar is representing you on social media or chilling in a StellarX sim, we know you will have a blast showing off that avatar!

We can’t wait to see Astra in action in StellarX, and we look forward to seeing what the next developers who choose Astra for their avatar creation needs come up with.