Tafi’s AR Emoji Content Now Available on Samsung Galaxy Mobile Devices

Samsung selects Tafi as its partner in its latest update of AR Emoji

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 28, 2020 — Tafi and Samsung have entered into a partnership to introduce a robust lineup of clothing and accessories for Samsung’s AR Emoji. Through an update to AR Emoji, users of most AR-enabled Samsung mobile devices will have access to significantly more options to personalize their AR Emoji.

As a leading creator of custom content for avatar and emoji systems, Tafi willmanage content creation and management of premium avatars, outfits and accessories which Samsung Galaxy users can access via a link in their mobile device’s camera.

Billions of emojis are sent every day, reflecting how essential they have become in the way people communicate on their mobile phones. In 2020 Taficonducted global research that showed 84% of mobile phone users regularly use their phone’s character emoji system, and a high percentage of them want more content so they change their emoji’s appearance more often.

“Together, we’re making it possible for owners of Samsung mobile devices tobe more creative with even better emojis, stickers, GIFs and more,” Tafi CEO James Thornton said. “Tafi and Samsung share a vision about the future of digital personalization, and this new partnership will really bring that to life for users of Samsung mobile devices around the world.”

Tafi will release new AR Emoji content bi-weekly through the Galaxy Store which is easily accessed from cameras and keyboards of Galaxy smartphones. The releases will include free, paid, limited edition and premium branded outfits and accessories. In the coming weeks, Tafi will begin announcing partnerships to release new content for AR Emoji in collaboration with leading global brands.

In the AR Emoji app accessed through the camera application, users can create full body emojis, from facial features to wardrobe. Once created, userscan bring their custom emoji into a camera-based AR environment where their emoji can puppeteer facial expressions or move and dance across real-world surfaces. Users can also create custom stickers and GIFs with their emoji, which will be automatically saved into their keyboard, allowing them to use their avatar in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages or Facebook Messenger. The features and functions may vary by country and device.

“Working together with Tafi provides us the unique opportunity to vastly differentiate our Galaxy AR Emoji offering and allow people more ways to express themselves with Galaxy phones,” said Inkang Song, Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Group, Mobile Communication Business, Samsung Electronics. “Countless examples in the world today make it clear that people are looking for more ways to express themselves with Galaxy phones, and this partnership is just the beginning of what we have to offer toour Galaxy users to do just that.”

About Tafi
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